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Before we jump to the efficiency, let’s understand the purpose of display fridges.
A display fridge is a refrigerator that contains a transparent see-through glass in the front, displaying its chilled products on the multi deck design. It is an easier way to grant customers access to the products directly from the shelf. The glass door refrigerators come in single door or double door display, depending on one’s preferences.
Energy-Efficient Display Fridge
The fridges maintain a direct product communication method, so they are seen as a great way to bring up impulsive purchases. Commonly seen in convenience stores and cake, coffee, and sandwich shops, a commercial fridge represents a great way to encourage impulse buying.

To answer the question above in one word, yes! Many times, when customers browse items in a display refrigerator, they might leave it open for long, which will increase the energy consumption of your appliance and need more power. An energy-efficient display fridge takes this into consideration and counters the effect.

Vave Australia has a range of display fridges that are energy efficient. They come with various advantages, a couple of which have been explained in brief below:

Low Electricity Bills

These display fridges use market leading technologies to use limited power while running, hence being more energy efficient. The advantages of this span over a long term where you end up paying a lot less in electricity bills as compared to for other commercial units.The power consumption per day ranges from 200W-600W for the display range depending on the number of doors and capacity

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Every business is trying to do their best for the environment by finding sustainable methods and reducing their carbon footprint. Our energy-efficient display fridges helps reduce your carbon footprint, which contributes to a healthier environment.

Affordable Pricing

Even though these fridges are built with cutting-edge technologies that save you thousands of dollars, they are affordable and competitively priced, which makes them a great value addition to your business.

Advantageous Lighting

Display fridges come with the feature of internal LED lights. These lights are extremely low consumers of electricity. They help customers view the products clearly and make the products look appetising.

Choose From an Array of Energy EfficientDisplay Fridges

Energy-efficient display fridges are not just available in one type. Vave Australia has a range of energy efficient display fridges:

Single Glass Door

- Display Upright Fridge Single Glass Door 400L

With a temperature range of +2 to +8°C, LED lighting, 400L capacity, adjustable shelving and one swing door, this type of fridge is the most efficient in terms of physical space.

Swing Doors

- Display Upright Fridge Double Swing Doors 800L
- Display Upright Fridge Double Swing Doors 1000L
- Display Upright Fridge Triple Swing Doors

With a temperature range of +2 to +8°C and LED lighting (common to all), these fridges are part of the highly energy efficient range and are appropriate to stock the consumer’s drinks, fruits, and veggies etc.

Sliding Doors

- Display Upright Fridge Double Sliding Doors 800L
- Display Upright Fridge Double Sliding Doors 1000L

The first type of fridge comes with a temperature range of +2 to +8°C, LED lighting, adjustable shelving and two sliding doors, while the second type comes with a temperature range of -2 to +8°C along with the other features. Compared to the 800L fridge, the 1000L fridge is considered a part of the highly energy efficient range.

What Makes Vave Australia the Best Choice for Display Fridges?

Melbourne has quite a lot of options for commercial fridges. However, none are as reputed and reliable as Vave Australia. Vave Australia is a pioneer in the commercial refrigeration industry, having been in the industry for a whopping two decades. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the utmost quality and reliability when it comes to their requirements.

Our mission is to provide an end-to-end experience to our customers right from purchase and installation of refrigeration equipment to servicing or emergency breakdown repairs.

From the installation procedure of the refrigerator, all the way to general repairs and servicing, Vave Australia promises customers end-to-end service throughout. Wealso provide customers with a two-year labour and on-site warranty all through Australia. With us, you will always get the industry best price for a high-quality product.

Do not wait any longer! Contact Vave Australia on 1300 008 283 or email us at

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