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In a busy kitchen, your set of fridges may certainly not be the quietest of the lot as they do give out a decent hum to show that their motor and condenser are working right. However, if any of your fridges are recently giving out a louder buzzing sound than normal, then you need to get it checked before it hampers with your work.

Your commercial fridge is one of the most vital appliances in your kitchen as it keeps perishable food items safe for your customers so that you can serve them food made from fresh ingredients. Hence, it is crucial to know when your fridge requires a repair or a replacement.
Warning Signs That Indicate Your Commercial Fridge Requires Service
The following are some signs that indicate that your commercial fridge would require service immediately:

Louder humming noise:

Fridges are likely to give out little humming noises, but if you can hear them far across your kitchen, your fridge’s compressor or evaporator fan might be the culprit. If you hear any rattling, banging, knocking, or any other loud noises from your fridge, it may be an indicator to get your refrigerator compressor replaced. Call your professional fridge repair expert to work on your fridge.

Brittle Sealing Strips on Refrigerator Gasket

Your fridge’s door has a gasket made of rubber that keeps the cold air in and the heat outside the refrigerator. When the rubber gasket gets old and brittle, cold air escapes, and the food kept inside the fridge gets spoiled soon. Periodical replacement of your fridge’s gasket is important.

If you find brittle sealing strips, cracks, or even loose adhesive bonds, it is high time to call a licensed fridge repair technician.

Food Gets Spoiled Quickly

If the food in your kitchen refrigerator spoils too quickly, the temperature inside is the issue. The recommended temperature is around 2 to 8 degrees for fridges and -18 to -22 degrees for freezers. If the refrigerator does not maintain this temperature, a proper inspection of the freezer fan, condenser fan, and condenser coils needs to be performed to diagnose the issue.

Excessive Condensation:

Excessive condensation can occur either on the inside or outside of the refrigerator. If you find any mildew, mould, droplets, or cracks, it could be due to excessive condensation outside the fridge. This can lead to improper cooling. On the other hand, if the temperature setting inside the fridge is not right, this may lead to excessive condensation inside the fridge and spoil the food.

Freezer Accumulates Ice

Your freezer is faulty if ice is accumulating on the fridge’s walls despite a defrost mechanism being in place. The ice is supposed to defrost safely, and this can be done only with the help of a professionally qualified fridge repair technician to avoid any unintended damage.

Refrigerator Leaks Water

When excessive condensation occurs, it can lead to clogging of the refrigerator’s hoses and pipes. A licensed fridge repair technician can clear all blockages and resolve all leakage issues.

How Long Should A Fridge Last

How long should a fridge last?

With regular maintenance, a fridge is bound to last for 6 to 13 years. The following is a nutshell of what to expect of a fridge’s life expectancy:

● Budget/entry level: 6 years
● Mid-range: 9 years
● High-end: 13 years

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